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Performance Exhaust Systems

We carry an extensive inventory of pipes that are available for immediate shipment. All exhaust systems will include pipes, silencers, flanges, belly pan protector plate (if required), outlet plate (if required), extra outlet pieces (if required), and spring tabs. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

If we don’t make an exhaust system for your machine, or if you have a special fit situation, we may be able to custom build a performance exhaust system to meet your needs.



’15-’17 AXYS 800 Single Pipe


Our Polaris Axys is another great pipe designed right here at Jaws Performance!  As with all of our pipes extensive testing was completed ensure maximum horsepower and maximum reliability.  Our pipe peaks at 8350-8450 rpm and adds a true 9 hp. over stock.  Our pipe works with our lightweight AXYS silencer or with the stock muffler.  We also utilize the stock y-pipe.  No fuel controller or other changes are required on the 2015-16 models, 2017 fuel mapping testing to confirmed soon.  Only $499 CAD.

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Jan 11, 2016 598 (640x427)

Jan 11, 2016 590 (427x640)Jan 11, 2016 593 (427x640)Jan 11, 2016 593 (427x640)


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A very versatile set of twin pipes for most big bore 860 kits on Ski-doo’s carberated 800cc engine. They are a powerful set of pipes that work with the numrous big bore kits and easily achieves an additional 20+++hp over the stock system. Pipes reach peak power at 8000-8350 rpm. Don’t starve your 860 add the pipes that were designed specifically for the big bore applications. Available with the lightweight twin glass packs or the quiet muffler (for trail riding). Full engine package is also available! ’03-’07 Rev chassis fit also available.

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ZX Model Replacement Download


No longer available from Ski-doo! We now offer OEM replacement single pipes for most of the 2000-2003 ZX chassis models (500/600/700/800). An easy solution to those worn out stock pipes. They use the stock mounting hardware and aluminum covers. No more leaky exhaust or costly welding jobs! Tuned pipe $499. Y-pipe $199. Lightweight muffler also available for $289.

SNOW HAWK 600 & 800

Do you find that your 800cc is just not producing the power you had hoped? We have the solution, a single pipe and lightweight muffler combination that boosts the power by 15%. Pipe and muffler package $795.


Attention racers! Jaws is pleased to offer an awesome package of twin pipes and porting to tremendously increase the power on your Rev 600 Snocross. The pipes are compatible with the sno x race motor and use the stock sno x flanges and/or our twin race silencers. The bottom, mid-range and top-end increase of these pipes is phenomenal. They reach peak power at 85-8800rpm. Please specify chassis, Rev or XP. We guarantee these pipes are the most powerful on the market. WOW!

97-03 Ski-Doo MACH Z 800 Pipes

We offer a reliable triple exhaust system for the Mach Z 800. With a set of these pipes you will feel the supply of 175 hp while the rpm climbs to 9100 rpm. The pipes fit neatly into the CK3 (or F) chassis with our oversized silencers that exit out the stock location. Ball socket flanges allow for tight sealing while enduring a long life. There is an impressive weight reduction of 25 lbs. No one should sacrifice the tremendous throttle response and the 20 hp top end increase that is typical with these pipes. We recommend installing a set of ‘V-Force’ reeds and making some jetting and clutching changes. If you favour the extreme performance of a drag set-up, the capabilities of these pipes will dramatically exceed 175 hp.

These specifications also describe our pipe on the Formula III 800 and the Grand Touring 800.

94-96 Ski-Doo MACH Z 780 Pipes

If you are still hanging onto the older generation of Mach Z, we offer pipes for you as well. The rpm stay down as we achieve an added 10 hp over stock. These lightweight pipes are precisely tuned for immaculate performance and trail ability. Other than the installation of the pipes, there is absolutely no adjustment’s to be made. We allow for the option to have these pipes fit into the stock canister, or they can be requested with a set of Jaws silencers for some extra weight savings.

Ski-Doo Summit 670

Summit X 670 pipes Looking for a power increase for your Summit 670 – Summit X 670? With a set of Jaws pipes you will experience exceptional performance bottom and top end. We packed 12 more hp into these pipes, so hold on. However there is some bad news about these pipes, they are only available for 2500 ft and above, sorry low altitude riders. The rpm peaks out at 8200-8300 rpm. There are obligations to some basic jetting and clutching.

Jaws Triple Pipes in an ‘S’ or ‘ZX’ Chassis

If you love the strength of the Mach Z triple engine, but also love the weight and handling of a twin chassis. Then our pipes are exactly what you need to complete this package. This concept is becoming extremely popular and we here at Jaws have been doing this for years. Finally a comfortable trail friendly chassis can produce 175 hp plus.

Jaws Triple Pipes in the REV Chassis

– New and Improved now available
We have re-designed a more powerful set of triple pipes for the rev packages. They are making substantial power over the first generation of pipes. For anyone who dropped the Mach Z motor in the Rev chassis, then we have the pipes for you. We fit our awesome power hungry triples in there. Tight fit but the masters here at Jaws are able to do it. Pipes are available for the 800 and 1000+ versions. Check out for the motor mounting hardware.

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ARCTIC CAT ’12-’17 F8000, XF8000, M8000 (F800, XF800, M800) big shark SINGLE PIPE PACKAGE

Our BIG SHARK 800 pipe adds tremendous bottom end power and adds an easy 12-13 hp. over stock on the top end with peak power at 83-8500 rpm. Our BIG SHARK package fits into both of our lightweight silencers or into the stock muffler. The complete BIG SHARK package (y-pipe, tuned pipe, lightweight silencer and air duct) weighs 25 lbs. less than stock and 10 lbs. less when running with the stock muffler. This package fits neatly under the hood without having to modify the stock frame supports. A fuel controller is required along with some clutch weight adjustments. Our BIG SHARK pipe is also compatible with 800 improved and 925 big bore engines and run at all elevations. Please specify year, elevation and engine cc when ordering.  Please call to order.

Y-Pipe, Tuned Pipe, Air Duct & Race Silencer $849

Y-Pipe, Tuned Pipe, Air Duct & Trail Silencer $869

Y-Pipe, Tuned Pipe & Air Duct $599

Boondocker Fuel Controller $499

Dalton Quick Adjust Weights $239


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Arctic Cat ’10-’11 M8HO/HCR 800 Twin Pipes

(for high elevation only) A powerful and reliable set of twin pipes that tuck neatly under the hood! This package adds a 15 hp increase at 78-8000 rpm while allowing for an 18 lbs weight loss. Now available for high alititude applications (3000ft +). A Boondocker box and clutching adjustments are required.

Arctic Cat ’07-’11 M1000/Crossfire 1000 Twin Pipes

(for all elevations) We have updated our M1000 twin pipes. They offer more power than the original series. A lightweight set of twins that add an easy 28hp (75-7700 rpm) to your M1000 at high altitude (above 3000ft). These powerful pipes offer a tremendous increase throughout the entire power band. A Boondocker box and clutching adjustments are required. They are silenced with our lightweight twin mufflers.

Our twin pipes for the low elevation (0-3000ft) riders achieve an amazing 20+hp increase over stock at 75-7800 rpm. These pipes are paired with an unbelievably quiet trail silencer. The throttle response these pipes have is unbeatable. This package runs on 91 octane fuel and requires a Boondocker control box as well as some minor clutching changes.

Arctic Cat ’07-’11 F1000 Twin Pipes

The most powerful set of twin pipes for the F1000 on the market. Adding tremendous throttle response and tons of top end power (20+hp) these are the most reliable set of pipes you can buy for this machine. A trail set of pipes, running on pump gas and silenced with our made for the trail quiet silencer. For ported engines and race gas we offer 40+hp increase packages.

Arctic Cat ’07-’09 M-8/Crossfire 800 Twin Pipes

(for all elevations) Increase your peak power by 10+hp at sea level and 15+hp at (3000ft+) 78-8300 rpm with our twins for any M-8 or Crossfire 800. A reliable set of pipes that offer much greater throttle responese and are easily tuned. They include our popular twin silencers that allows for a lightweight, great sounding system or our amazing quiet trail silencer to maintain that stock sound level, each exiting out the stock hole. Boondocker control box required. Pipes work excetionally well on ported engines. Also available are our big bore twins for the M8 (900-925 cc).

Arctic Cat ’05-’06 M7 Twin Pipes

Our twin pipes for the M7 for high altitude (above 3500 ft.) are loaded with 15+ hp and reach peak power at the stock rpm. For extreme elevations (10,000ft+) we offer our M7 HA. All systems reach peak power at 78-7900 rpm and add an amazing 6-7 mph track speed increase. We tuck the pipes neatly under the hood and silence with our lightweight twin glass packs. All these pipes require are some simple clutch weight adjustments. There is no fuel control box required for the ’05 models however we do recommend a fuel control box with the ’06 models.

M8 & M9 Big Bore Pipes

We offer a powerful set of pipes for any of the M8 and M9 big bore kits out there. Our durable pipes are packed with the most hp on the market. These reliable twins are fitted to the ’05-’07 M7 chassis with our long life single canister that exits through the stock location. The pipes do vary between the 800 and 900. These pipes reach peak power at 78-7900 rpm.

F8 & F9 Big Bore Pipes

Did you put a 800 or 900 big bore package on your your F7? If so we have the perfect set of pipes to achieve your maximum hp. These twins are fit to the Firecat 700 chassis with our long life single canister. The pipes do vary between the 800 and 900. These pipes reach peak power at 78-7900 rpm.

Full Mod F7 and F6 Twin Pipes

If full mod is your forte, then we have an awesome set of twins to compliment your F6 or F7. Spinning at 9300-9500 rpm and running on race fuel we guarantee that with our pipes will help you achieve the most power possible from your tricked out F7. Check out other race pipes..

We also offer twin pipes for the M8, F8, M9 and F9 packages to fit in the M7 or F7 chassis. See below for more information.

’98-’02 Arctic Cat Thundercat/Mountain Cat 1000 Pipes

We packed tons of horsepower into these pipes, 20 to be exact. The top end speed is increased immensely as the Thundercat tops out at almost 190 hp while maintaining the rpm’s between 8400-8600. We recommend the accompaniment of a set of ‘V-Force’ reeds as well as crankcase modification (that can be done here at Jaws). We utilize an extra large set of silencers that offer a quiet throaty sound. Check out these sharp looking pipes in our CAT 1000 pipe “photo album”. There is no doubt that this exhaust system will help to put you onto the jealousy list of your buddies or the hate list of your competitors. We now offer a 3 into 1 single muffler that keeps these pipes even quieter.

Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 in ZR chassis

If you dropped a powerful Thundercat engine into the lighter more mobile ZR chassis, then we have the pipes for you. These pipes offer the exact same specifications (20 hp increase) that flows custom with our Thundercat exhaust systems. These pipes fit comfortably under the hood and exit out the stock location.

’03-’06 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat/King Kat 900 Pipes

Our pipes offered for the Mountain Cat 900 in the mountains became available in early 2003. Since then they have become very popular, we can’t seem to keep them stocked. They offer tremendous throttle response and reach peak power at 7900 rpm. The twin pipes flow into a single canister that has deep exhaust note and exits easily out the stock location (please specify year as outlet locations do vary). This exhaust system functions best at altitudes above 2500 ft.

‘D’ Pipes (Arctic Cat Big Bore Twin Pipes)

Known as the ‘D’ series pipes, that we later labeled the ‘Dominator’ set as that is exactly what they are doing. These twins are offered with either a quiet muffler box, the lightweight twin glass packs or the lightweight single canister. They are compatible with many of the big bore top end kits for the ZR/MC 900 on the market. Don’t settle for just any set of pipes, go for the best. These pipes rev at 78-7900 rpm. For a slightly more aggressive set of pipes please ask us about our 82-8400 rpm pipes.

’01-’03 Arctic Cat ZR 800 Pipes

We manufacture a strong set of twin pipes for the ZR and Mountain Cat 800. Our pipes work exceptionally well on both the carburetor or EFI version. Low-end, mid-range and top-end these pipes offer an increase of 9 hp. There is some easy jetting and clutching required. The pipes are silenced with our over-sized twin canisters or our single canister. There is no doubt that these are the dominant 800 twin cat pipes on the market.

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’02-’04 Yamaha Viper Pipes

Powerful, durable and unbeatable are just a few words that describe our Viper pipes. Our Viper pipes were specifically designed for the Viper and boy they ROCK. The rpm climbs too almost 9000 as you experience the extra 22+ hp we packed into this exhaust system. The sound of these Viper pipes is quiet yet sporty. Employing mostly stock clutching, stock reeds and stock heat exchanges these become the most friendly pipes on the market.

We have had absolutely no issue of burn down or overheating with our pipes on the Viper as we regret to say has become an issue with our competitors pipes for the Viper (we held it wide open for 30 miles just to make sure). Trust us you will not regret purchasing a set of these pipes. Want the bottom line? Check out the performance numbers.

Jaws Performance

Jaws Performance