2012-17 ARCTIC CAT BIG SHARK 800HO (ZR 8000 / XF 8000 / M8000 / F800 / XF800 / M800)

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$739.00 CAD$1,567.00 CAD

Our BIG SHARK 800 HO pipe adds tremendous bottom end power and an easy 12-13 hp over stock on the top end with peak power at 83-8500 RPM on 2012-17 models

Our complete BIG SHARK package weighs up to 25 lbs less than stock when run with our lightweight silencer and 10 lbs less than stock when running with the stock muffler

A fuel controller is required along with some clutch weight adjustments.

Dalton adjustable clutch weights available.

Tuned Pipe, Y-Pipe and Air Duct (800 HO models only), Hi-temp black epoxy coat. $739 CAD

Power Commander 6 fuel controller $549 CAD

Dalton clutch weights $249-279 CAD

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All prices are in CAD(Canadian Dollar).