$499.00 CAD$529.00 CAD

Looking to shed some weight from your new SHREDDER 850 E-TEC TURBO R?

Extensive dyno and field testing went into designing these all stainless steel silencers for the new Lynx Radien2 chassis.  Guaranteed to maintain stock performance & reliability at all elevations, all of our silencers are built with very strict tolerances and are flow bench tested to ensure correct back pressure.

As always we are offering 3 different sound levels, and we encourage you to consider your riding area and surroundings when choosing your silencer.

Trail is the quiet option, with a 9.5 lbs. weight savings over stock. .

Race is our mid sound level option, a 10.5 lbs. weight savings.

Rowdy is well…ROWDY! Open mod style sound, and saves 11.5 lbs. over stock.

Stainless steel:  Trail $529.  Race $499.  Rowdy $499

All prices are in CAD(Canadian Dollar).